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Nokia’s Netbook Has a Motion Sensor – its Use Demystified

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GLOBAL – Nokia Booklet 3GIn a recent article, The Nokia Guide speculated on what kind of use the  Nokia Booklet 3G‘s included accelerometer might have.

The existing use of accelerometers in the computer industry is mainly as a hard drive protection mechanism in high-end laptop models. If the laptop is dropped, the accelerometer can detect the sudden movement, prompting it to turn off the hard drive and reduce the risk of it being damaged in the fall.

This is a feature not previously found in the netbook segment where the Booklet 3G arguably will reside. And while Nokia’s smartphone models with built-in accelerometers have used it to determine screen orientation, to support tilting and other movements within games, these uses probably don’t apply to the larger sized Booklet 3G. So the question is, does Nokia have some other intended use for the accelerometer or is it just a feature included to give the device a high-end feeling?

The netbook was announced by Nokia at the end of August. More details were revealed at Nokia World, including the price of EUR575 (US$836.23) before subsidies. Although the Booklet 3G is expected to be heavily subsidized by carriers, its price places the device in the segment of mid-range laptops rather than among netbooks with roughly the same specifications. It remains to be seen if Nokia’s promise of performance worthy of a regular laptop will hold true once the device is released in the market.

(US$1 = EUR0.687613)

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By , Nokia-affairs Correspondent on Sep 9th, 2009 GMT +2


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