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S60v5 Theme Review: Green Theme

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Yes, you guessed it, this theme induces much of the phone to be displayed in shades of green. Those menu buttons that would otherwise be displayed in white; green. The background, a series of green diagonals fading to black from the bottom left. The battery and the signal bars, as well as the scrolling bar are all green.

Whilst this theme is probably not the most innovative of them all out there, one may find it quite surprisingly suitable for the N97.

The colour combinations are quite displeasing to one’s eyes, but oddly enough when scrolling using the bar on the side, it changes to the original shades when one has it ‘clicked’ and is scrolling. I did, however, find some of the icons in this theme more to my liking that most others that I have tried. My personal favourites are the maps, as the same icon is used for the maps applications (Ovi and Google), except the Ovi Maps application has a flag denoting ‘N’, whereas Google Maps application has a flag denoting ‘G’.

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By , S60 Software Expert on Sep 9th, 2009 GMT +2


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