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S60v5 App Review: Google Maps Mobile

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Google Maps Mobile S60v5Having a smartphone for many is about the benefits brought about by the extra functions than just the phone call. One of the most prominent features in most smartphones now is the GPRS/GPS which allows users to use the maps. With the N97 and many other Nokia phones, users have the pre-installed Nokia Maps, which has now been upgraded to Ovi Maps.

Ovi Maps comes with many excellent features, including the built-in compass. However one of the available most popular freely-available navigation softwares is Google Maps. The connection provided by Google Maps is far superior to the Ovi Maps connection speed, and mainly because Ovi Maps takes over a minute to connect to the satellites (usually) whereas Ovi Maps usually takes less than 20 seconds.

One major feature lacking on Google Maps that I hope the developers┬ádo integrate on the N97 in future updates is the integrated compass. Apart from that, the Latitude function is a great add-on that allows users to track friends using the GPS function and allows friends to see users’ location.

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By , S60 Software Expert on Sep 7th, 2009 GMT +2


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