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Nokia Withdraws from 2010 Mobile World Congress

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Mobile World CongressESPOO, Finland – Nokia has announced that it will not attend the Mobile World Congress in 2010. Citing financial reasons and a shift in focus to direct marketing of its own products and services, the Finnish giant said it will still attend the congress but that it will not have its traditional exhibition stand at the event.

Nokia has stated on a number of occasions recently that its company strategy is to focus more on developing services and being more of a service provider, not just a mobile phone provider. While the manufacturer claims financial reasons and a change in marketing strategy as the reasons, the withdrawal from the Mobile World Congress can also be seen as a break with traditions and as an example of the change in focus from hardware to services. Although Nokia will not have a stand in the exhibition area, it will still be present at the congress and arrange press-only seminars, as well as hold seminars. Furthermore, Nokia Siemens Networks – working with infrastructure solutions – will keep its exhibition stand at the event.

Since other major companies on the mobile phone market – notably newcomers Apple and Google – have opted not to attend the event, Nokia’s decision raises questions on the future of the congress.  There is still no official comment from the GSMA – the host of the event – on Nokia’s withdrawal.

It is clear that Nokia pretends to focus on the Nokia World, an event where only its own devices and services are showcased, but the Mobile World Congress clearly had a wider range of attendees, which Nokia will lose. It is a gamble from the company, but it could turn out to be positive – the isolated timeframe and dedication from potential clients may bring in the revenue that was missing from exhibitions at the MWC.

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By , Nokia-affairs Correspondent on Sep 6th, 2009 GMT +2


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