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Nokia announces Ovi SDK Beta

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Ovi Maps on N97 MiniSTUTTGART, Germany – Nokia announced the release of the Ovi SDK Beta at the Nokia World.

The development kit will provide APIs for the different Ovi services, compatible with the Symbian and Maemo platforms, as well as for web development. The first two APIs released are for developing applications based on the Ovi Maps service: Ovi Maps Player API and Ovi Navigation Player API.

Ovi Maps Player API allows developers to use maps from 180 countries in their applications. Support for 3D views and location-based searches is also included.

Ovi Navigation Player API offers funtionality for both driving and walking, including route planning. Combined with the Maps Player API, this makes it possible to create context-based applications such as searches for stores within the near area, finding the nearest bus stop, and so on.

The launch of the Ovi SDK marks Nokia’s answer to the development kits provided for iPhone OS and Android. While there are numerous different programming platforms available for Symbian and the Java platform, this is the first development kit released for the Nokia specific Ovi platform. Nokia promises that all developers with general programming skills will be able to develop rich mapping and navigation solutions. Applications developed with the SDK will be distributed in the Ovi Store, starting next year.

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By , Nokia-affairs Correspondent on Sep 3rd, 2009 GMT +2


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