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S60v5 Widget Review: Facebook

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facebookThe Facebook phenomenon has quite clearly hit the world of social networking hard, and seems to have grappled a major hold on the market. As most N97 users would have found by now, the convenience brought about by the pre-installed Facebook widget is really invigorating in certain ways.

I haven’t been a major Facebook user. It’s not that I prefer other social networking portals, it’s just that I have not been indulging myself in connecting with people over a website that I can apparently personalize to my needs. Then again, this is not a review of the website itself but the widget for the application.

The widget is really handy for someone who uses such resources to stay in touch with friends. It displays one’s status on Facebook, how many messages and other notifications have been received (such as new friend requests), as well as the latest three updates on the Facebook feed. All of this is not, however, displayed at once, as it scrolls through on three separate occasions. Even though I am not a heavy Facebook user, I still have this widget on my home screen as it definitely provides convenience in staying in touch with friends. As Nokia itself has put it, the user will be ‘online as it happens’.

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By , S60 Software Expert on Sep 3rd, 2009 GMT +2


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