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S60v5 Theme Review: Brown

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Nokia N97 - Brown themeThe Brown theme developed by ‘Kimi’ for s60v5 devices is a very art-sy one, which can recognize with a look at the background.

The theme looks like a continuation of the Nokia phones in the 7300 series. Whilst all the flowers and swivel designs make for a reasonably pleasant background on my black N97, it is not a theme I would consider using.

My main issue with the theme is the fact that about half of the icons in the main menu and on my home=screen are modified which do not look bad, as grey outlines of the actual icons. Had all the icons been modified to look such as these, that would have made a pretty solid theme. To stress on this, on my main menu the Ovi Store has its original icon whereas the ‘Web’ icon is the grey bevelment. However I did think it was pretty cool that some of my application icons were modified, but once again, roughly half of them.

Download Brown S60v5 theme

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By , S60 Software Expert on Sep 2nd, 2009 GMT +2


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