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S60v5 App Review: Jbak TaskMan

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Nokia N97 - Jbak TaskmanJbak TaskMan is an application that monitors the open and running applications on s60v5 devices – I tested it on the N97. This application is a must-have for anyone using the N97 as I have found it to be very handy over time.

The S60v5 platform is infamous for being slow and for lagging, which has not changed with the N97. Another reason why one would be quite annoyed is the fact that the N97 only has 128MB of RAM, despite packing in such great features and a massive 32GB memory. The 128MB of RAM fail to accomodate for this and we would have much rather prefer seeing Nokia provide 256MB of RAM on the N97 as they intend to with the Nokia N900.

Despite the N97 having the great option of allowing one to check the running applications at any time, and allowing one to close them off, I often find the phone lacking in performance. Jbak TaskMan has provided me with the answer on more than one occasion – when I check the list of the open applications on Jbak TaskMan, there is usually a list of applications I would have thought closed a few moments earlier.

Although this task manager will not necessarily improve the performance of the phone, it will help free up some much needed RAM by closing applications that seem to run in the memory even when one tries to close them. I recommend this application as it may assist the reader in closing off others when most needed.

Download Jbak TaskMan S60v5

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By , S60 Software Expert on Aug 31st, 2009 GMT +2


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