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Analysis: MyBlackberry Launches

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MyBlackberry ScreenshotWATERLOO, Canada – It is official. Research In Motion has launched its very own social networking site focusing on the best-selling smartphone line, the BlackBerry.

PhoneReport already reported on the announcement of the site which occurred a few weeks ago and the enthusiasm on the subject wasn’t exactly reaching new heights. There is already a ludicrous amount of websites and forums dedicated to Blackberry users, themes and apps. Not all of them are incredibly useful, or even needed. Thus, it seems a bit excessive that RIM had to go and make an official BlackBerry forum. All of that speculation was before it actually launched.

What sets MyBlackberry apart from other sites such as Crackberry, is exactly what Blackberry has used to separate itself from other smartphone devices for years: usability, organization, and a clean interface. MyBlackberry presents a surprisingly friendly user interface that lists all kinds of information and categories of threads to search within. It has the top three threads of the three different main categories as the main focus. All topics fall into either Applications, Tips and Tricks, and General. There is even room on the page for a list of the top apps. The threads themselves are very simple to use, and also incredibly useful.

The BlackBerry community has responded well, and already a huge amount of information is available. Overall, it is a great place to search for help for any BlackBerry related problem.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Aug 31st, 2009 GMT +2


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