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S60v3 Game Review: Family Guy Uncensored

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Family Guy is a hotly-debated animation series on TV. I do enjoy this show from time to time and although it lacks the sophistication of The Simpsons, the crude humor does still serve for enjoyment at times. The mobile phone game is compatible with S60v3 devices along with several other platforms.

One can play as several of the main characters from the show including Peter and fan-favourite Stewie Griffin, along with Quagmire and others. There are several mini-games that allow players to control some of the characters. The graphics itself are not the best, but that is expected from most phones running on the S60v3 devices (due to the lack of graphics acceleration).

The game carries over a similar sense of humor established in the TV show and one can expect several iconic moments relieved in the game such as the fight between Peter Griffin and the Chicken.

Download Family Guy Uncensored S60v3 game

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By , S60 Software Expert on Aug 29th, 2009 GMT +2


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