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Nokia Comes With Music Now Available in South Africa

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ComesWithMusicJOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Nokia has announced that the Comes With Music service is now available in South Africa. The service allow users unlimited free downloads from the Nokia Music Store during one year. The South African version of Nokia Music Store currently holds over 5 million tracks.

The service is available as an add-on when purchasing a new music-oriented Nokia phone. Currently the 5130, 5530 and 5630 models are available in Comes With Music editions. Users can store the downloaded tracks both on the phone and on a PC and also keep all music even if ending the subscription after a year.

The Nokia Music Store and the Comes With Music service exists in a wide range of countries. The last Nokia Music Store to be launched was in India, only a few days ago.

Local music has a strong presence in the Nokia Music Store. In South Africa, Nokia has a co-operation with global music companies including Sony, EMI and Warner, but also works with local independents such as African Cream, Coolspot, Sheer and Next Music. This means that the South African Music Store features globally celebrated artists as well as local traditional music and current local best-sellers. The store also has a dedicated Afrikaans genre that users can browse and search within.

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By , Nokia-affairs Correspondent on Aug 29th, 2009 GMT +2


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