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Review: Best Blackberry Utility App

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BlackBerry BerryAddonFans of the RIM smartphone line know that the devices lack many simple functions that could vastly improve the user experience. These are aspects that often come standard in many regular phones or even home phones, and have a significant impact on those devices.

BerryAddon is an incredibly useful tool that will impress most Blackberry users in this area. It isn’t so much of an application as it is a utility that unlocks more options within a Blackberry device. It doesn’t even go into the downloads or applications folder. It goes straight into the options menu, and has a plethora of customizable controls to help fine-tune the user’s device.

The application is another great piece of software developed by the user community at Crackberry. The app has eight options: phone calls, call firewall, autolock, SMS signature, emoticon, send to, and number lockup.

The category with the most possibilities is of course phone calls. The options allow the user to have the phone vibrate when it is ringing, log calls into the calendar, block designated numbers, add new incoming numbers to the address book, and even look up unidentified numbers online. It’s an incredibly simple tool, that seems almost as though it should come on Blackberry devices as a default.

Download BerryAddon BlackBerry app

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Aug 29th, 2009 GMT +2


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