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Nokia to Produce Smartbook with ARM Processor

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Nokia BookletsESPOO, Finland – DigiTimes reports that Nokia will launch an ARM-based smartbook during next year. This reports arrives just days after Nokia announced its Booklet 3G netbook, which will be based on the Intel Atom processor.

No more details are known at the moment, but if this report is accurate, it raises new interesting questions regarding Nokia’s platform strategy and partnerships. The ARM processor doesn’t currently support Microsoft Windows operating system, so unlike the Booklet 3G – which is expected to run Windows 7 – the new smartbook would probably not feature a Microsoft operating system but rather a Linux version, probably Maemo 5 – or perhaps even Android.

The distinction between a netbook (which the Booklet 3G will classify as, although Nokia is promoting it more like a regular laptop) and a smartbook is not clearly defined, but the term smartbook is generally used for devices running slim versions of Linux or other operating systems that can boot within few seconds. No matter which category the new device would belong to, an architechture based on the ARM processor will consume less power than a solution based on Intel Atom, thus making longer battery life without charging possible.

Some observers believe that the ARM processor will gain market shares from Intel in the coming years in the netbook segment, but as the market is still not very mature it is still hard to predict the future. The platform choices major manufacturers such as Nokia make will no doubt be a deciding factor.

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By , Nokia-affairs Correspondent on Aug 27th, 2009 GMT +2


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