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S60v5 Widget Review: Nokia Messaging

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Nokia Messaging widgetMost of Nokia users would have used the Nokia Messaging email client by now. If not, one can go ahead and perform an update using Software Updater in the applications list on the Nokia N97. It is perhaps not the best email client around (as it does not always update your emails on time) but it is quite handy.

One of the key selling points for the N97 is the customizable home-screen, which allows one to play around with the widgets. The user can opt not to include any widgets, but that’s forgoing a very beneficial component of the phone. Whilst the N97’s widget selection for the home-screen is not quite as extensive as some recent Samsung phones (most notably the Jet), it does, however, keep the screen very neat and limits the widget options to a total of five.

One can edit this list via the ‘options’ selection on the home screen, and more widgets can be downloaded through Ovi and other online services. I have become quite fond of the Nokia Messaging widget as it provides one with access to emails at a single touch from the home-screen. One can only have the details of one email address show up on the widget, but the user can obviously change that selection as required.

The widget is responsive, and can either get detailed emails (so that the user can see the actual subject) or simply the email ID and number of unread emails on the widget.

The application needs to be downloaded and installed on the phone and that can be done via the Software Updater in the applications list. Following that, the user can assign this widget to the home-screen.

For more information, read Aditya Singhvi’s Nokia Messaging review, or download Nokia Messaging.

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