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S60v5 Theme Review: Dark Star

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Nokia S60v5 themeDark Star is a theme developed for S60v5 devices that is quite popular amongst owners of the Nokia 5800. The background used for this theme, as one might guess, is rather dark. It is somewhat sci-fi, in the sense that the spherical object in the top of the background looks like a moon or planet out of Star Wars.

There are not many effects that I have come across, apart from the background and the clock. The clock itself is portrayed as one of the classic flip-number clocks rather than a digital one. The home-screen widgets also get a more visible outline. The scroll-bar is also changed, which I do not prefer over the standard scroll-bar in the Nokia themes.

What I noticed as probably the best feature about this theme was the fact that when one opens applications, the transition at least seems smoother rather than what we have come to notice with the N97.

I found that the theme would probably be better suited for black N97s as the background matches the color of the phone. I have not seen the theme on a white N97 but I’m sure there are other themes out there designed for that version.

Download Dark Star S60v5 theme

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By , S60 Software Expert on Aug 26th, 2009 GMT +2


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