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RIM’s Torch Mobile Acquisition to Bring Improved Web Browser

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Iris IconWATERLOO, Canada – Over the past few weeks, reports have been coming in that RIM will be revamping its mobile Blackberry browser.

Recently, information indicated that the browser would be getting full support for both Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight. This is true, but RIM won’t be the one developing it. Torch Mobile announced today that it has been acquired by smartphone conglomerate Research In Motion.

For those unaware of Torch Mobile, it is a mobile software developer, most famous for its Windows Mobile browser named Iris. The developer has had great critical success with this. The web company hasn’t been around for long, but has been on its way to making a major name for itself. This seems like just the opportunity.

Many users have complained about the BlackBerry browser for a while now. Most find it too simple and bland, as well as a somewhat slow web browsing tool. This is big news for both RIM and Torch. Torch will undoubtedly gain a wider audience, and Blackberry devices will improve greatly considering they will have a dedicated web developer working on their browser.

RIM isn’t known for making strong browsers. It’s safe to say that this is something great for Blackberry users to look forward to: finally having a user friendly, powerful, and hopefully interesting web browser.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Aug 26th, 2009 GMT +2


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