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5″ Display Rumoured for Palm Mansion

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HP Palm Pre 2 webOS 2SUNNYVALE, USA – The Palm Mansion is a smartphone rumoured to have a 5″ display, which is huge by current industry standards.

Experts may differ with the smartphone tag to this device, as it may be a bit too big for a smartphone, it should more likely be tagged as a tablet PC with capable calling features.

The display might be supporting a resolution of 480×800 pixels, with full touchscreen support, and running on the webOS 2.0 platform. The Dell Streak did not start any major war by its launch, and Palm going ahead and launching a device in a similar size cannot be stated as a smart move, but nonetheless, if Palm can manage to cut down the screen size of Mansion to 3.5-4″, it just maybe a device that can give competition to its competitors.

It is likely that the Palm Mansion will be released in the first quarter of 2011, and only rumors feeding our curiosity, it is just time to sit back, and wait patiently.

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